Leo Carnevale

With 15 years experience, Leo is expert at finding the perfect home for you and your loved ones. Whether you're looking for a short-term lease, a cottage on the beach, or a beautiful home for your family, Leo and his Team are perfectly poised to open the door to your dream home.  

Leo is well-known around the office for his morning "listings check." The first thing he does when he gets to work is sip a cappuccino and get intimately acquainted with all of the listings in town. He then sends out snapshots to his team, so they can quickly figure out which listings best apply to their clients' needs.  

Bradley Mottashed

Bradley is a fresh face in the Real Estate world. His goal is to bring transparency to every transaction. He's open, honest, and when you work with him, you always know where he stands. 

When selling your home, he considers every detail from high-end staging all the way through to worry free closings. He not only streamlines and simplifies the process, but he's actually found a way to make selling your home exciting.  

Bradley knows that selling a home can be an emotional time. He also knows that selling your home at the right price can help make those emotions a little more positive. When you're buying, he finds you the best price while emphasizing transparency throughout the process.

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